Why call a Health and Wellness Blog “The Shaking It Up Blog” 12

Shaking It Up implies change, reorganizing, reconsidering. We can be much healthier than we are now especially here in North America.  A shake up is necessary to improve our health and wellness, both as individuals and as a society.  Significant changes are needed but even minor ones could have a profound effect.

Shaking It Up starts with:

asking questions: The main one is am I responsible for my own health?  If so, what can I be doing to positively affect my health?  What can I change to get healthier?

looking at things differently: Does what I eat impact my health and the health of others around me?  If I ate healthier foods,would I be healthier? How does what I eat affect the environment?

considering new strategies: How can I change my diet and my lifestyle?  What type of exercise would be beneficial for me?   Can thinking positive thoughts really impact my health and wellness?

Shaking It Up requires change. This sometimes comes from within, an internal change where you have made a conscious decision to positively impact your health and wellness.  Sometimes the change is from without, an external change where a situation arises that you couldn’t have predicted or controlled.  How you handle the effects of those changes, how you deal with shaking it up and being shaken up is what’s important here.

And that’s what this blog is all about!

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