Jesse Roberts

A Great Shake Must Have These 5 Qualities 6

Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Meal Replacement Shakes No matter what you call them, everyone is shaking them & making them. Active people, athletes, busy people, lazy people, weight loss types, moms, dads, kids, the whole family- everyone is enjoying the many benefits of a shake. I really got into them over […]

Tips to Live Green in 2010 3

Being eco-friendly or living in an environmentally friendly way is often preached to us from the media, government, friends and colleagues. But eco-friendly living can often be confusing with mixed messages coming from different quarters. For instance, some people claim bio-diesel is a green fuel as it produces less CO2 […]

How Omega-3 Helps Your Mind and Body 10

Over 25,000 worldwide scientific studies show that long-term consumption of Omega-3 fish oils offers benefits to your heart, joint, and skin health as well as your memory. Recent studies show they can even improve your emotional well-being. Heart and circulation Studies suggest that Omega-3 helps maintain healthy cardiovascular function and […]