5 Ways to Take Control of Your Health 1

How Do You “Talking about getting healthyTake Control of Your Health”?

It means getting serious about “you”. When you think about it, you really are the one in charge of your health. It is your most important asset so you need to do everything you can to maintain it and, if possible, improve it. Here are some simple steps to try.

1. Educate Yourself

One of the most important things is to educate yourself. If you have a medical conditon, learn about your health problems and how you can best manage them. Discuss different protocols with your doctor, find out about possible alternative solutions, search out support groups and take advantage of the information available from reliable sources on the internet.

If you are healthy, find out what your options are regarding exercise, nutrition and stress management that will promote a healthy lifestyle and  improve your health.

2. Decide on Your Health Goals

Take some time and write down your health goals. Do you want to stop yo-yo dieting and focus on creating a leaner, healthier body or start exercising regularly or move toward your perfect weight or use nutrition to help with a medical condition or detoxify your body, etc.? It depends entirely on your needs.

3. Decide What You Can Do to Achieve Your Goals

  • Try to be both specific and realistic when thinking about how you can reach your goals. Getting more exercise, eating a healthier diet, and quitting bad habits are all worthy goals but you need to be specific as to how this is going to happen. Break it down into smaller segments and create a fairly detailed schedule: what you want to achieve in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc. and exactly what you are going to do to get it done.
  • Write out your goals and your plan for achieving them. Many people find that they are more successful when they do this.
  • While it’s important to dream big, be honest with yourself. If you haven’t walked further than the refrigerator in the past 20 years, you might not want to make running an ultra-marathon your first goal!
  • Consider trying something entirely new. Add cycling or yoga to your fitness routine, try nutritional cleansing to gently detoxify your body, use meditation to help with stress. The possibilities are endless!
  • An Accountability Partner can be very helpful. A good partner will challenge and support you. They will be there to encourage you when it’s not going well and also be there to celebrate your successes.

4. Work on “You”

Work on how you think about yourself. Believe in yourself. Be comfortable with yourslf but strive to change what is holding you back. Most of all, believe that you are worthy of being the miracle you are meant to be!

5. Reward Yourself

Set up small, medium and big goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. You deserve it! Most of all, have fun! You’re the only “you” you have and you get to create who you are.

So now what steps are you going to take?

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